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Non Fiat Bank note currency with gold strips

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Non Fiat Bank note currency with gold strips


I want to put this idea out there as a small solution to the fiat currency bank note problem here in the States. If there was a bank note that had real gold strips in the paper that was proportional to the value that the bank note represents then fed reserve notes and/or any fiat currency would never be a problem again. Bitcoin and any other non-realistic currency that's not backed by anything is a dead end too. Only thing that gives Bitcoin value is its comparison to the Dollar(fed reserve note) and from what i can tell its just another currency bubble thats tricking people into investing into another non physical currency that I'm sure will burst someday in the near future taking all the bitcoin mining investors down with it(from what i hear theres millions being put into bitcoin mining and if bitcoin goes under those investors will stuck with huge computer mining facilities all the overhead and nothing to use them for). Bank notes that have gold strips printed within them would hold value and would fix the fiat currency problems we all face today. Good Luck

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