Exchanger is a public automated service that focuses on cryptocurrency market, including Bitcoin. The service relies on shared funding, meaning that general public can contribute and profit from this project. In short, the service provides instant exchange of cryptocurrencies and conventional e-currencies and operations with Bitcoin.

Who has created this project and what is the purpose of this project?

Exchanger is a community driven project. The purpose of the project is to promote liquidity of cryptocurrencies by acting as a convenient and instant gateway to fiat money as well as to other cryptocurrencies.

Easy exchange

The project is meant to be as straight forward as possible. There is no need registration procedure, just a few easy steps. Simply select the appropriate e-currencies to exchange, and in just a few seconds the operation is complete. Some limits may apply due to AML policy.

Safe transactions

The system was developed and carefully tested by security professionals and is fully protected from all sorts of intrusions. All transactions are secure and all possible steps have been taken to ensure smooth exchange operations.

Our Vision

We are confident of a bright future for cryptocurrencies, both as a convenient method of payment and as a means to generate and store value. Fast and safe conversions between cryptocurrencies is essential for achieving this goal. We made sure that our service is a firm step forward towards this goal.